Hello & Welcome

Welcome to St. Aubyn’s School, an independent school for 500 children aged 3 to 13. We are an all-round school for all children. Our aim is that each boy and girl enjoys the present while preparing for their future. Set in eight acres of grounds, the school is self-contained and well-resourced, offering small classes and high levels of teaching. Our motto from 1884 still sums up our approach today: fortiter, fideliter, feliciter; bravely, faithfully, happily.

Our pupils thrive both in and out of the classroom and achieve highly in terms of places, scholarships and awards to selective schools at 11+ and 13+.

Upcoming Events

On Friday 5th February SASS will be hosting the Pre Prep Disco. Full details are here.

On Saturday 19th March SASS will be hosting a Hypnotist event for parents and staff. Full details are here.

On Friday 4th March SASS will be hosting a Movie Night for Middle School pupils. Full details are here.