Having a cadet corps at primary school age is a very rare phenomenon. I believe that only one other such cadre exists in this country.
We are not affiliated to any regiment and act as a ‘School Cadets Corps’ with our school badge as our insignia. We are extremely proud of our short history and achievements.
We provide weekend activities and organise trips to the Lake District and Worthing

Our aim is to provide a physical and disciplined activity with certain goals that we feel they might not experience in normal family/school life, such as;

1. Read a map and use a compass correctly.
2. Have climbed a mountain.
3. Have marched in a public ceremony.
4. Fired an air weapon (and associated safety learning).
5. Erect a tent and sleep under the stars.
6. Walk at least 10 miles in one day.
7. Be efficient first-aiders.
8. Walk in the forest at night.
9. Engage in military manoeuvres utilising their learned skills.
10. Light a fire and cook outdoors

Some positive feedback from previous school inspections;
"The army cadet program encourages self-discipline, goodwill and respect, and is a distinctive link with the local and wider community."
ISI Inspectorate Report, May 2009

"Many pupils participate in the school’s own cadet force, developing their personal resilience and fitness as well as their teamwork and practical outdoor skills."
ISI Inspectorate Report, January 2015

Mr. John Lawson - Contingent Commander