Middle School (Years 3 – 5)

In the Middle School we value each child as an individual; we encourage and foster independence, guiding pupils to develop to their full potential.


We aim to create an environment where we believe each child has the chance to be successful, happy and valued for the person they are. It is a place where pupils and teachers enjoy and value learning, where lessons are exciting and tailored to pupils’ needs. We encourage children to be inquisitive learners and critical thinkers, to challenge themselves to really be the best they can.



From the tiniest of steps and smallest of goals, to the greater achievements and successes that are accomplished, pupils work hard, with determination and an innate desire to do well. Being successful in Middle School is a right that all children have and we continually celebrate their triumphs, share their successes and help them to be proud of the person that they are. We take the time to celebrate their successes, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in or out of school.


Middle School is a place where pupils and teachers enjoy and value learning.


Each pupils’ journey through Middle School, will be different. However, what is certain is that they will be prepared and empowered with the tools they need, both academically and emotionally, to move forward to our Senior School. It is a journey of excitement, of diversity and most importantly, at the end of their time in Middle School, they will understand the successes they have achieved, and the successes that still await them in the future.

Mrs bernadette wells
Head of Middle School