Tapestry Consent Form

Nursery and Reception classes at St Aubyn’s use an online learning journal called Tapestry. The purpose of it is to help teachers and parents record, track and celebrate children’s progress in the EYFS. Tapestry strengthens communication between teachers and parents and gives family members a real insight into their child’s school life. We will photograph children as they are engaged in an activity and write a comment, detailing what your child is learning and experiencing. These observations link to the EYFS curriculum and help us determine what stage of development your child is working at.
We very much look forward to launching your child’s online learning journal and providing you with further insight to your child’s life at school. Please complete the consent form below.

Tapestry Consent Form September 2020

    I hereby give permission for my child to be a member of the online learning journal, Tapestry, to have photos taken with other children and for St Aubyn's staff to share these photos with other families in my child's class.
  • one per family