Before and After School Clubs

The Before and After School Clubs are for children between the ages of 3-13 years and are specifically designed to enable children to be cared for in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment at the beginning and end of the school day. The clubs were set up as part of the School’s commitment to improving the availability of childcare for working parents.

The aims are:
• To provide a safe and caring environment for children.
• To ensure that their physical and social needs are met.
• To provide different activities than those that occur within the School day.
• To provide equal opportunities for children regardless of race, culture, gender, family grouping, language, or disability.
• To promote a good working relationship between parents, children and staff.

Mrs Fiona Yeo - Before and After School Clubs' Manager


Before School Club

The Before School Club is designed for children In Nursery and Pre-Prep (3-7 year olds) and it is supervised by three staff and the Manager. It is open from 8.00am until the start of School daily. A light breakfast of cereal, toast, juice and biscuits is available until 8.30am.
Adjoining rooms are used for the session and activities include drawing, construction, jigsaws and small world. Books and TV are available for a short time at the end of each session. The charge is £3.20.

After School Club

A light tea of sandwiches, fruit and juice is provided in all clubs and varied regularly.
The Manager is assisted by nine staff and an Assistant Manager. The majority of the staff hold level 2 or 3 childcare qualifications and are first aid trained.
Activities offered include creative projects for wall displays, gardening (in summer), outside play activities (hoola-hoop, parachute, ballgames) computers and role play (EYFS)
There is also a 40-minute homework session (quiet and supervised) available for Middle School children.
Nursery/Reception pupils (ages 3-5): 3pm - 6pm, £10
Years 1 & 2 (ages 5 -7): 3.30pm - 6pm, £10
Middle /Senior School (ages 7-13): 3.45pm - 6pm, £9