The School offers a wide range of more than 40 weekly co-curricular activities before and after school, for children from Years 2 to 6.

A variety of sports and music activities (see below) are complemented by various recreational activities, such as chess, sewing, mindfulness, coding, cooking, craft, board games, cadets, mathletics and much more. These activities are listed in the calendar each term. Most activities are voluntary and open to all, but some are by selection and invitation. Parental support for activities is much appreciated. Participating in, for instance, a choir, team or play, represents a real commitment.

The School undertakes to inform families of times and dates as far in advance as possible, and in writing. If there are questions, either individual staff or the office will respond as soon as practicable.

Our aim is for all children to enjoy and to thrive upon participation in School activities.



The major sports played are football, cricket, rugby, hockey and netball with teams from Under 9 to Under 11. The teams play regular fixtures with other schools and the standard of play is usually high. We also compete with other schools at cross-country and athletics. A child may represent the School in one particular sport or several, depending on his/her talents and abilities. Children’s performance is reviewed constantly in normal lessons and in squad practices. There is never a “closed shop” with regard to any team squad.




There is a full programme of co-curricular activities in music with an orchestra, string group, two choirs, brass group, African drumming group and guitar group.

Throughout the year pupils perform in a variety of musical events, including a church service, termly concerts, instrumental concerts, assemblies, house singing competition and local festivals. These are published in the calendar. There are a number of other music related trips, events and competitions held during the year.