Pre-Prep (Years 1 & 2)

In Pre-Prep, we aim to develop a rounded educational experience for our children.

We want to inspire an enjoyment of learning both inside and outside the classroom, through a broad and balanced curriculum. We consider that understanding is just as important as knowledge. Developing an understanding of perseverance and of the need for effort encourages children to become determined learners. We strive to provide a stimulating and challenging environment where individual needs are met and each child can take risks in their learning to develop resilience.



We believe that fostering children’s social and emotional skills, alongside their academic skills, is essential. 


We aim to create an environment where our children feel valued and secure so they can thrive and achieve to the best of their ability. We know that happy children learn best. By celebrating all successes, whether big or small, Pre-Prep children are supported in developing positive self-esteem which in turn impacts their learning. We encourage them to develop a tolerance and sensitivity towards others so all children have a sense of belonging.



We pride ourselves on being a community of learners who are actively involved in all aspects of school life. Children participate in charity events, curriculum days such as Art Day and co-curricular activities from Year 2. These opportunities support our children to develop independence and a sense of responsibility. Our School Motto ‘Bravely, Faithfully, Happily’ encapsulates the Pre-Prep children’s ownership of their learning and school.

Mrs Jennifer Butcher
Head of Pre-Prep (including early years)