Our Caterers, The Brookwood Partnership, have been working with us since September 2009 to promote Healthy Eating within the school. Our healthy eating programme, entitled “Eating for Life” can be downloaded from this page. It adopts a strict criterion that far exceeds Government guidelines and recommendations. We fully understand our responsibilities in educating, encouraging and promoting a healthy diet and the huge role we have in laying down the foundations for each individual child’s future health.

At St Aubyn’s School eating healthily means the provision of balance between current eating trends, good nutrition and fresh home-cooked food. This applies to all of the catering services that we provide to the pupils.

We know that pupils at St Aubyn’s School are likely to be familiar with a wide variety of foods and ingredients. Our menus have been developed to include the latest food trends and incorporate an excellent variety of dishes that we know they will be excited to eat.
We take pride in using only fresh quality ingredients within the provision of our menus. We do not use convenience or processed foods. We know that our menus provide a healthy nutritionally balanced diet and each menu is approved by a Nutritionist.
We confirm that we do not use any GMO foods, nuts or nut products in the production of our menus and we avoid foods that contain artificial colourings and flavourings.

We use seasonal products and ingredients and communicate good ideas and best practice throughout our business to assist everyone in achieving our goals. We do not have any allegiance to any specific suppliers. However, we do implement controls to ensure that only unsalted butter, low salt, low sugar baked beans and similar healthier products are purchased, in line with our food policy.

At St Aubyn’s School we believe it is our responsibility to encourage the children to have a balanced diet by creating attractive, nutritious menus and informing them how to eat healthily. This has led to the introduction of the Eating for Life programme which can be downloaded from this page.
A seasonal “guest” vegetable is offered every week, in addition to the usual fresh vegetable menu choices. Explanations of origination, vitamins and mineral content, as well as interesting facts, are promoted alongside the tastings.

We understand that the nutrition of every individual child is important, if you have any questions or queries regarding your child’s individual dietary needs I would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss this.

Mrs Alexis Clark - Catering Manager

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