Bravely, Faithfully, Happily

October 18, 2019 

It is important that we are aware of the challenges facing young people using mobile phones and other devices. Schoolchildren are becoming more tech-savvy and are now more likely to manage their use of technology with responsibility and common sense according to an annual report, launched by HMC and Digital Awareness UK. However, they do mention that troubled teenagers are seeking comfort online, from strangers as well as friends. Whilst some find solace, others report feeling worse after being accused by fellow users of attention seeking. Young people are reporting ‘sadfishing’ as a growing behavioural trend, which they are finding hard to manage. This social media phenomenon emerged after celebrities were accused of posting exaggerated claims about their emotional problems to generate sympathy and draw people onto their sites.

The key point for parents is that it is more important now than it ever was to be interested and involved in your children’s digital lives, parental controls can only do so much and are not infallible.

Online Safety Newsletter Oct 2019